Turn Your Property Into A Successful Vacation Rental

Dated: January 28 2022

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Turn Your Property Into A Successful Vacation Rental

The vacation rental market has never been easier to join than it is today. Of course, the firststep is finding the right town home, condo, or single-family home for purchase with the help ofyour favorite Scottsdale realtors at Dwellings Realty Group. Once you’ve closed on your perfectproperty, there are many sites available to use as a direct way to advertise and get clients. Yet,that doesn’t mean we can simply list our property and immediately see a profit. Instead, beforeanything, you need to read up and do plenty of research to make sure you’re as successful aspossible. 

Remember, It's a Vacation Rental BUSINESS... 

And that means you have a few "housekeeping" items required to get things up and running.First and foremost, you need to establish your business as a legal entity in your state, which canbe done by creating an Arizona LLC. LLCs make for a very flexible entity and provide you withsome basic legal and financial protections. With an LLC secured, you can move on toestablishing your business bank account. This gives you an official place for your funds to go inand out as the business grows. Then, you need the financing to purchase the rental propertyitself. 

Know Your Market 

 Very different groups are interested in vacation rentals, and marketing for each one is importantto draw in clients. To get the most out of your location and your property, look at what is popularin your area. For example, go onto Airbnb and compare what listings around you look like, andhow much their rates are. Does it seem like they target young professionals, families, or singlesexploring the local culture? Once you have a general idea about the market, you can test thewaters and decide how you should put your own property forward. 

Improve Your Bathrooms

 People are typically looking for two things when they stay in a vacation rental: luxury andcomfort. When people think of a luxury restroom, they often think of spas or spa-likeenvironments. It doesn’t have to take an overhaul of the whole room, but there are a few smallchanges that may give you good ROI. Have high-quality toiletries, heated towels, and a scentdiffuser to freshen up the home. A stylish showerhead can also go a long way to impressingrenters, and lights with a dimmer switch can help them set a calming mood. Most importantly,keep the safety of your guests in mind by ensuring there are no health or safety hazards, likebroken fixtures or faulty electrical.

 Make the Bedroom a Sanctuary

 At the end of the day, guests are booking a place to sleep on their vacations or business trips.Given this, make the bedroom so peaceful that they leave reviews exclaiming how well theyslept in such a restful environment. Color can hugely impact how we feel, so keep the schemerelaxing with gentle hues, such as blues, grays, or greens. Heavy curtains can keep the morninglight from waking your guests prematurely, and use soft, comfortable bedding to make it hard forthem to want to leave. If your rental is in a city, providing a white noise machine can be anexcellent way to combat unpleasant sounds at night. These upgrades aren’t expensive, andthey can offer decent ROI and make your clients come back for more. 

Embellish Your Kitchen 

Like the bathroom and bedroom, you want your renters to be impressed with your kitchen. Thebasics will suffice, but you should do more than that. Your rental needs to stand out and offer anunforgettable experience, which will inspire guests to become repeat customers. This goesbeyond the cutlery and machines you provide and comes down to how the kitchen looks.Adding a unique tile backsplash can make your property stand out, as can adhering to themes,such as matching the handles of cabinets to the steel fridge. You should also avoid darkness inthe cooking area, so add as much lighting as necessary to keep things bright and visible.

 Home Security

 If you don’t have a top-notch home security system installed in your home, now’s the time tothink about getting one. Not only will this system protect your property when it’s empty, but it willalso give your guests a sense of comfort and peace of mind during their stay. After all, everyonelikes to feel safe and secure — more so when they’re away from home — and a security systemwill provide that feeling.

 Remember Little Extras 

This is a vibrant market, so do what you can to distinguish yourself from competitors. Even witha fabulous property, if your renters don’t have a stellar vacation, that may reflect on the reviewthey leave. Include a travel brochure with local things to do, best places to eat, and affordableways they can pass the time to ensure a quality break. In the same vein, leave a welcomebasket in the kitchen full of little goodies for them to snack on when they arrive after a long dayof travel. Be communicative and prompt if something goes awry. Sometimes, accidents happen,and how we deal with them can leave a lasting impression upon our guests. 

Owning a vacation rental can be a lucrative endeavor, but it works best when you’re properlyprepared. Do research on your area, implement some easy home improvements, and providethe best experience possible to encourage return guests. By doing so, you can set yourselfabove the competition with a unique and restful stay.

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